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Laser Services Washington DC

Fractional Laser Treatments

Fractional laser skin resurfacing treatments use an advanced laser technology to target skin imperfections without harming surrounding tissue. This technology is able to precisely treat microscopic areas of skin using pinpoint laser columns just below the skin’s surface which allows the skin to heal quickly. Most procedures can be performed in thirty minutes or less with minimal discomfort and excellent long-term results.

What does the Fractional Laser treat?

The Fractional laser effectively treats wrinkles, acne scarring, textural irregularities, and surgical scars on the face, neck, hands, shoulders, chest, arms and legs. Fractional laser stimulates the body’s own natural healing process which replaces damaged skin with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

How many treatments will I need?

Best results are achieved with a series of 4-6 treatments every 3-4 weeks. Deeper wrinkles or scars may require additional treatments. We will develop a treatment plan tailored to your skin’s individual needs.

What can I expect after treatment?

You may experience temporary redness, warmth, swelling, or peeling at the treatment site for 3-7 days after each treatment. If you have a history of cold sores, please inform your physician so that an antiviral can be prescribed. You will be given specific instructions for your particular treatment and how to minimize side-effects.

If you would like to learn more about how the Fractional Laser system can help rejuvenate your skin, schedule a consultation with the Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington today.

IPL Photofacial

IPL photofacial involves the use of a very high-powered short-pulsed, multi wavelength light source, which helps with skin rejuvenation by lightening pigmented areas, alleviating facial redness, and shrinking dilated blood vessels. The IPL photofacial treatment helps with cosmetic conditions that occur as a result of the natural aging process, sunlight exposure or sun damage, rosacea, and other environmental effects.

What’s involved in Skin Rejuvenation Using IPL Photofacial?

IPL photofacial is performed by our trained laser nurses and involve a series of treatments scheduled every 3-4 weeks. The skin rejuvenation procedure itself lasts from 20 minutes up to 1 hour depending on the extent of the areas treated at each session.

After the treatment, the area appears pink in a uniform or blotchy manner and you may experience a mild to moderate “sunburn” feeling lasting from 2 to 24 hours. Cool compresses may be applied. Makeup may be worn after the treatment in order to lessen the pinkness. Brown spots will darken and become flaky before exfoliation and ultimate rejuvenation of the skin’s appearance. Redness and broken capillaries may darken initially then fade over 1-2 weeks. Although you may notice a significant improvement after one treatment, multiple treatments are generally needed for best results.

Eliminate Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy is the gold standard for treating unsightly “spider veins” – tiny purple and red veins on the surface of the skin. They are not considered a medical issue but many patients seek treatment to eliminate them in order to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the legs.

Does it hurt?

Most patients report minimal discomfort. We use a tiny micro-needle to administer the medicine into the vein, allowing your body to gradually absorb these small spider veins. Some areas of the legs may be more sensitive and a stinging sensation may briefly occur. We strive to make your treatment as comfortable as we can.

Is there any downtime?

You may resume your normal activity except that you should avoid strenuous workouts for 24 hours. You may have temporary bruising after the treatment as well as mild itching. We recommend compression hose for 24 hours after treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Spider veins generally need to be treated multiple times before they fully disappear. You may notice fading after one treatment, but the process is most notable after additional treatments and may take several weeks to completely absorb. Patients who have a genetic predisposition to spider veins will likely need maintenance touch ups every year or two. We will assess your veins and develop a treatment plan specifically for your needs.

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