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Dear Dr. Forman,

Thank You... Thank You... Thank You

I am sending this note to express my heartfelt gratitude for such a wonderful surgery. It has been only 2 months or so since my surgery, or perhaps I should say "OUR" surgery. Thank you for both you and your Staff's words of encouragement and guidance after my surgery. I was immediately impressed with you, your staff and the lovely facility within the first few minutes of my first appointment.

I am eager to express how grateful I am to have found a surgeon with the kind manner, patience, professionalism and the gifted and artistic skill that you have been blessed with. Your dedication to your career and to your patients are a gift to all who have been fortunate to have you as their surgeon.

My surgery was strictly cosmetic and elective in nature, which is why it had been difficult for me to justify it for the years that I had contemplated having this procedure. I had considered having this augmentation done but was not in a comfort zone to go forward until my daughter, Renee, recommended Dr. Forman with total confidence. I had struggled with the battle of "growing old gracefully and living with a pronounced tummy" versus plastic surgery (what many consider a frivolous and vain pursuit). The expression, (though misquoted), "Vanity, thy name is woman" comes to mind. It also was with my husband's support and finding you that I decided to fulfill this dream. As expressed on our first consultation, MY goal was to be rid of the bulge that had developed and was actually making me uncomfortable - at times - in my clothing.

From the initial consultation I knew that your practice was the right place to pursue this dream. Yes, I had found the right place!! I am so pleased with my results (even though it is only a short time), and I just know that everything will heal and improve as time goes forward. The level of detail with efficiency, professionalism and sincere care is amazing. My experience could not have been any better. A sincere word of THANKS is also being expressed for taking on a 72 year woman. Best of all, I have not had to use any prescribed pain medication whatsoever, just some Tylenol.

Mission accomplished!! I could not be more pleased and excited about the more youthful and natural look you achieved with the "canvas" that is my stomach. The artistic reference is fitting and the result is truly remarkable! I will not always have to wear a loose fitting garment to cover the extended stomach.

The words "THANK YOU" just are not enough to express how much I appreciate the superior surgery you performed. I had such a wonderful experience and fabulous outcome. I thank you very much for your kindness, patience, skills and expertise. I love the results and really felt that you and your Staff took such good care of me. The healing process has been quick and rather easy and I am feeling normal again, with a much slimmer stomach.

Also, sincere THANKS for crediting my account as you were not in surgery as long as originally had been estimated. That was above and beyond and so very KIND and THOUGHTFUL.

Continue to be a blessing to others through your profession. Stellar!!

Dear Dr. Forman,

You are the epitome of a mensch! Your compassion, talent, generosity, and good humor were gifts that made two mastectomies/reconstructions over the past eight years as good as they could be. Thank you for always making me feel that my feelings were valid and my questions were important - you always make me feel safe - emotionally as well as physically. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I am so grateful for having met you and for the part you had in this life-changing experience for me. Thank you for all your help and encouragement.

Dearest Doug,

I know I am not the only patient you have who thinks the world of you and who is profoundly grateful to you for all that you have done on their behalf.

I also know I have personally expressed this to you previously, so I make this small donation to Suburban Hospital in your honor anonymously.

On behalf of al the women you’ve aided on their journeys through breast cancer, I thank you. You have changed our lives.

Dear Dr. Forman,

I just want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. I feel very blessed that Dr. Colliver sent you into my life to help me on this journey with my “dream team” of “Colliver, Fairell and Forman.” I feel that God is watching over me and sent the three of you to me to watch over me during this difficult time in my life. Thank you for everything.

Dear Doug,

I wanted to write you to say a more formal “thank you” for your care and wonderful surgical skills. You have, indeed, helped me to finish my job with my weight loss. I feel I have reached another milestone and now enjoy my new body even more!

Thank you also for having such wonderful staff. I do not have everyone’s name but all from the front desk staff to your financial counselor, have been professional, helpful and compassionate!

A special thank you needs to be said to Lisa who has been delightful, professional and engaging. She has, indeed, gone “above and beyond.” I would like to think That she only does that for “special” people but I suspect that all your patients get that “extra something” from her. Until next year...

Dr. Friedman,

Thank you so much for taking care of my son and for being so kind with my daughter. Also thank you for taking care of my nose twenty-eight years ago.

My mother was glad to know it was you tending to her grandson’s wound and my father sends his best. See you soon with my son for his follow up.

Dearest Roger,

What could I write to you today that I haven’t already written to you over the past twenty-five years? Yes, it’s been twenty-five years since you put Humpty Dumpty back together again and again. Only you, with your amazing surgical skills along with your encouraging words “We can fix that” got me to the finish line. We had many detours but thanks to you here I am twenty-five years later. LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY ME!

Roger, you were (are) such a “mensch”, you accepted what the insurance paid, you never asked for more, you know we were struggling with mostly unable to work.

I had the most skilled, best looking and most generous surgeon making me whole again. To say I am forever grateful are simple words but they are so, so sincere. I pray the Almighty keeps you and yours safe and will for (as it is said in Yiddish) 150 years or for as many as you want. Forever grateful.

Dear Doug,

Thanks again for the work on my (stupid) lip. Not only did you do a great job with the surgery, you were so nice, along with your office staff to make the schedule work and get me in right after the Moh’s surgery.

You are the best!

Dear Dr. Forman,

Please accept my sincere thanks for your most proficient work you did on my head and arm. I had no pain at all - and have healed well. The whole procedure was quite interesting - very much so!

Thank you also for seeing me so quickly! Continued good wishes for your wonderful work and career!

Dearest Roger,

I feared my breasts defined me. They were a big part of who I was. Without them, how could I ever feel whole? Twenty-four years ago, YOU made me whole…

Forever Grateful!

Dear Doug,

I wanted to write to thank you and everyone in your office for the wonderful care provided. We especially appreciate the timeliness and great outcome. She likes her nose better than prior to the break even!

Thanks again for the great job and looking forward to seeing you casually in the future!

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