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Panniculectomy Procedure Near Washington D.C.

A panniculectomy involves the removal of the excess skin and tissue around the lower abdomen. This excess skin and tissue that hangs down below the waist is also known as the pannus.

A panniculectomy is not a tummy tuck and is not considered to be a cosmetic procedure, which may make the procedure eligible for coverage by your insurance provider. A panniculectomy can be combined with a tummy tuck so that the skin removal is combined with the tightening of the underlying abdominal muscles and tissues.

The procedure targets that apron of loose skin that hangs down below the abdomen and causes irritation or creates an unpleasant appearance. Removing that excess skin and tissue can result in a great deal of relief as well as significantly boosting your confidence.

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The Procedure

The procedure generally takes an average of three to four hours depending on the extent of surgery needed to resolve your individual problems. Board-certified anesthesiologists will administer general anesthesia for the procedure. The entire plan for the operation will be customized to your unique figure and will generally involve an incision across the lower abdomen and below the panty line. This incision typically extends between each hip or further towards the back. The navel, or umbilicus, may be removed as a portion of the procedure. In some instances, an vertical incision up the abdomen could also be necessary to achieve the best results.

Post-Surgery Care and Recovery

After surgery you will have to wear a supportive garment that holds the abdomen in place. This garment will reduce swelling and will support the area as it heals. Drainage tubes may also be necessary after the surgery to prevent any fluid buildup in the surgical site. These are typically removed within the following weeks.

You will have to plan ahead for at least two weeks off of work or more, especially if your work involves a great deal of motion or activity. Most lifting and physical activity will need to be avoided during the first six weeks in order to prevent any tearing or stitches being compromised. By following the surgeon’s directions during the recovery period, you will be able to heal more quickly and minimize any risks or complications.

Panniculectomy Surgery


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Panniculectomy Surgery
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