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What is a Thighplasty?

Our Washington DC thighplasty, or thigh lift, reduces the amount of excess skin and tissue on the thighs. This procedure is beneficial for those who have lost a significant amount of weight and have lost the firm, youthful elasticity of the skin and tissue on the thighs and are experiencing sagging, drooping, and rubbing.

Excess and inelastic skin can feel uncomfortable and prevent you from wearing clothes that you like or can leave you dissatisfied with your appearance.

Our Washington, D.C. thigh lift reduces the overall circumference of your thighs as well as tightening the skin and tissue, resulting in a firmer looking contour for your thighs.

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Recovery and Post-Surgery Care

The first few weeks are when the most care is required following your Washington DC thigh lift. As the incisions will be along the thighs, they are at risk of tension and strain from basic movements such as sitting down, standing up and walking. Taking care to limit motion and activity during the first two weeks is crucial in avoiding complications and a fast recovery. Light motion such as slow walking is encouraged as this helps prevent fluid buildup in your thighs and reduces swelling. Compression garments may be recommended to help keep the swelling down and provide support to the thighs as they heal, and we encourage our patients to sit in a slouched position.

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Potential Risks and Complications

Blood clotting is a serious risk to be aware of after a surgery. These risks can be mitigated by following our aftercare instructions. You will be given exercise instructions that avoid straining the surgical site, mostly walking, and being conscious of motion as you sit down and stand up. Walking and gentle motion is the best way to prevent blood clotting. Also take care to wear your compression garments as instructed. Other risks such as infection, swelling, or bleeding can be managed by following the surgeon’s instructions.

How Long Will I Be Off Work?

Be prepared to take two weeks or longer off of work, especially if your work requires any vigorous motion or standing. Do not plan to drive for two to ten days after surgery so as to avoid any strain to the incision sites. Plan to have someone to drive you home from the surgery center and to help you for at least the first few days at home, so that you may keep your activities to a minimum.

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