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Cosmetic Enhancement for Men

Men are increasingly taking advantage of cosmetic procedures and treatments to help them reach their own body image goals. If you are a man that desires to rejuvenate or enhance certain aspects of your body, then we offer services to turn those goals into a reality.

Male Facial Surgery in Washington, D.C.

Men also may simply desire a straightened nose, reduced nose size, a more balanced or rejuvenated looking face, or perhaps even more masculine looking features. We are dedicated to providing quality service to men from all around Washington DC, and Maryland, at our private, luxury clinic in ​North Bethesda.

Services for Men

The following is a list of some of the most sought-after cosmetic services that we provide for men:


Liposuction helps reduce stubborn fat that just won’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise. As men age, there is a tendency to store fat in the abdomen and chest, and it can become very difficult to reduce with diet or exercise.

Liposuction helps to remove those fat deposits and create a slimmer, more athletic body. The results will be a powerful motivator to continue to stay fit and healthy. The results of liposuction can be maintained and enhanced through healthy eating and consistent exercise.

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration encompasses various methods to promote hair growth and combat hair loss. Popular treatments include Minoxidil and Tretinoin, which stimulate hair follicles. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) with ACell therapy utilizes the patient's blood to encourage hair regrowth. Additionally, Nutrafol offers vitamin supplements to support healthy hair. These approaches aim to address hair thinning and balding, providing individuals with effective solutions for hair rejuvenation and revitalization. It is vital that patients come in for a consultation with a certified medical professional at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington in order to determine the ideal treatment plan for their individual concerns and hair loss severity.

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Male Breast Reduction

One of the more popular cosmetic procedures that men choose is male breast reduction. As men age and naturally gain weight in the torso, the breast area on the chest will can store excess fat. Some men find this to detract from their appearance and find the situation difficult to resolve through exercise alone. The male breast reduction procedure removes the excess breast tissue, skin and fat in that area. This results in a more masculine, firm, athletic upper body.

Circumferential Body Lift

Men who have lost a great deal of weight tend to be left with a large belly flap that can hang down from the abdomen. They may also have other uncomfortable folds of skin along their upper abdomen, back and sides. This excess skin and tissue won’t respond to a healthy diet and exercise and has often lost so much elasticity that it won’t spring back on its own.

Restoring the Male Body: Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington

A circumferential body lift is designed to remove most of the unnecessary excess skin and tissue that is left after weight loss. This excess skin can be a big barrier to your self-confidence. Excess skin can add a great deal of weight to your body and cause back pain, discomfort, or other irritations. A panniculectomy is another option for the simple removal of excess belly skin and tissue that impacts your confidence and may limit your ability to engage in strenuous activity or exercise.

We offer treatments to remove excess skin and tissue from upper arms, neck and thighs to create a trimmer, more athletic figure to enhance your appearance and increase your feelings of self-confidence.

Plastic Surgery for Men Washington DC


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Plastic Surgery for Men Washington DC
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