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Prominent ears may be due to an absence of normal folds within the ear cartilage, or to an excess of cartilage. Whether you were born with overly-prominent ears, have ears that are disproportionately large for your facial features, or suffered an injury to the ears in the past, our Washington DC otoplasty (ear surgery) may be the right treatment option for you. At our award winning Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington, we perform ear surgery with a high level of artistry and skill to create a more balanced and pleasing appearance.

Why Choose Plastic Surgery Institute of Washington?

We are a world-class cosmetic practice in North Bethesda, just outside of Washington, DC.

  • We offer highly skilled, board-certified plastic surgeons who value exceptional quality and individualized patient care.
  • Our sophistication, attention to detail, and patient experience are similar to that of a visit to a luxury spa or exclusive resort.
  • We deliver care and service above and beyond what patients expect from our highly-rated plastic surgeons.

What Is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning, is a surgical procedure performed to enhance the appearance of the ears. Through manipulation of cartilage, placing of sutures, and removal of excess skin and/or cartilage, the ears are brought closer to the head in this procedure.

In many patients, both ears are overly prominent, but otoplasty may also be performed to make one ear match the other. In children, we generally recommend having this procedure done between the ages of five and seven, when the ear is close to its adult size, and before the child starts school.

Reasons to Have Ear Surgery

Our Washington DC otoplasty is performed to improve the position, shape, proportion, or symmetry of the ears. It is used to correct defects in ear structure that are present at birth or become apparent with development, or ears that are misshapen due to injury. This procedure can treat:

  • Overly large ears
  • Protruding ears on one or both sides
  • Dissatisfaction with the results of a previous ear surgery

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What Is Recovery Like After Otoplasty?

Patients rarely complain of pain after their ear surgery in Washington DC, although they may experience a sense of throbbing. Any discomfort can be relieved with oral pain medication. The dressing is left in place for approximately four days, after which it is replaced with an elastic headband to be worn at night to avoid rolling over and folding the ears.

The elastic headband is worn for a total of four weeks. Sutures behind the ears are dissolvable. You can expect to experience some swelling in the area, which should subside in approximately three to four weeks.

When Will I See Results? Will I Have Scars?

Although some results are visible immediately, final results with ear surgery become visible when post-surgical swelling and bruising subside completely, after approximately one month. Incisions for an otoplasty procedure are well concealed where the back of the ear meets the head. Incision lines are virtually invisible and fade over time.

Otoplasty Washington DC
Otoplasty Washington DC


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Otoplasty Washington DC
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