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Brazilian Butt Lift

One popular procedure for contouring the body is The Brazilian Butt Lift. It is a cosmetic buttock augmentation procedure designed to improve aesthetically the look of your buttocks by surgically re-sizing and reshaping the gluteal region. The procedure combines liposuction and methodical fat transfer to achieve the best possible Brazilian Butt Lift solution for the patient’s overall appearance.

Unwanted fat cells are harvested from areas of the body where they are not wanted, collecting your very own fat cells from flabby areas such as the arms and abdomen. Those cells are then redistributed in your rear end wher you are looking to achieve augmentation. After fat cells have been used to shape and fill the butt region, further shaping and contouring are achieved through liposuction n the gluteal region and peripheral areas – producing a well curved buttocks that is aesthetically pleasing.

To View our Brazilian Butt Lift before and after photographs Here.

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