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Over the past several years, BOTOX® has been the number one non-surgical aesthetic treatment performed in the United States. Our Washington DC BOTOX improves facial appearance by softening unwanted lines of the face and facial expression.

Facial lines develop as a result of natural facial muscle contraction. When a muscle is overactive, deep creases begin to form. This is commonly seen between the eyebrows (glabella), in the crow’s feet around the eyes, and on the forehead. BOTOX is injected into these muscles to limit motion and dramatically diminish the appearance of these lines.

What are the Benefits of BOTOX® Injections?

The benefits of BOTOX® injections include but are not limited to the following:

  • No down time or recovery time associated with the treatment
  • Smoother skin and diminished appearance of wrinkles
  • Results that last between three to four months
  • Natural looking results
  • Long track record as a safe and effective treatment option
  • One of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments available

How Does BOTOX® Work?

BOTOX® inhibits muscle contraction by blocking nerve impulses to specifically-targeted facial muscles. These muscles then relax and become less active, causing wrinkles, lines and folds around the nose and eyes and forehead to smooth. This is also why BOTOX® injections should be administered by a registered and certified clinician or practitioner, who knows exactly where to inject the product, and how much.

By catching your wrinkles early on, even prior to any noticeable formation of lines or wrinkles, you can slow the signs of aging. By having BOTOX® administered early, your muscles are prevented from chronically creasing and wrinkling the skin on your face, preventing those deep lines from forming. Many women and men start receiving BOTOX® in their early thirties or even their twenties and use it as a preventative measure against wrinkle formation.

What Are the Most Common Treatment Areas?

The most common treatment areas include:

  • Glabellar lines (11’s between the brows)
  • Forehead lines and creases
  • Crow’s feet
  • Laugh lines and frown lines
  • Bunny lines around the nose
  • Chin dimples
  • Prominent jaw muscles
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How Many BOTOX Injections Will I Need, and How Long Will the Treatment Take?

The number of injections depends on the area to be treated. Stronger muscles need higher doses of Botox. You may also opt to have multiple areas treated in one appointment. Depending on how many areas are being treated the treatment time could take anywhere from five to twenty minutes.

How Much Does BOTOX® Cost?

Our Bethesda BOTOX® is priced based on areas treated or units used, where the number of units necessary for your treatment will determine the final cost. Each of our providers will customize the optimal number of units in each area to achieve your goals.


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When Will I See the Results and How Long Will They Last?

The smoothing effects from our BOTOX in Bethesda typically takes three to seven days to be seen and usually lasts three to four months. The results can be maintained by scheduling follow up treatments every three months after treatment, or as recommended by our expert injectors.

If you are planning a special event, plan your injections at least two months prior to the event, allowing the full effects to be visible and allowing time for a touch-up if necessary.

Are There Any Side Effects to BOTOX?

Possible side effects may include some bruising or tenderness around the injection site, which quickly fades. It is extremely important that you undergo treatment in a facility that meets all safety and health requirements – not choosing to take advantage of a cut-rate offer. Some spas in the USA have been found to be using counterfeit BOTOX.

Other side effects may include muscle stiffness, headaches, allergic reaction or itching. Most often these can be avoided by proper administration of the injections and a review of your medical history.

What Should I Do Before BOTOX Injections?

Prior to a Washington DC BOTOX treatment, patients should take a few precautions to minimize bruising and bleeding. These include avoiding aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Motrin for two weeks prior to your treatment. Also, avoidance of St. John’s Wort or high doses of vitamin E for minimally one week prior to treatment.

When Can I Return to My Normal Routine?

You can expect to return to your day as normal directly after treatment. Any tenderness should be minimal and will not interfere with your activities. You may exercise or engage in strenuous activity after the first day.

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